Comment 18 for bug 241305

On Tue, Jan 24, 2012 at 04:30:50PM -0000, Ronny Roethof wrote:
> It's YEARS later now.. IPv6 is commonly used now too..
> And still no simple AAAA records ??
> if you can't get IPv6 to work, then at least create a lame :fff:: hybrid
> AAAA record.. ok it's lame, but then AT LEAST it resolvs to IPv4..

That wouldn't help anybody. That's what the A record is for.

My bet is that the firewalling and the upstream providers might not be
as ready as they should be, but I might be wrong. It's also likely
that it's not a priority.

> Come on, this is fucking ridiculous..

Keep your swearing to yourself. You're not helping anybody with it.

Philipp Kern