Comment 8 for bug 223542

maxadamo (massimilianoadamo) wrote :

Hi Jean Baptiste,

first of all my sincere apologies for not polite wording.
Don't take it personally. The problem is not "you", or anybody else, but the way those bugs are dealt by the "team" involved.
I am very sorry to say that with other distributions, I have gotten immediate responses to bugs.
This is not to say that other distros are better than Ubuntu.
No, this is not the point, and it's not my thought.
The point is to demonstrate that another way is possible, because someone else do it better.
The other way is: respond to requests.

Going back to the issue:

If someone asks me some log file, and if one hour later i put those file, and if I don't receive any answer for one month, and if after one month the answer is "this is not a bug" I *must* be disappointed.

Right now it's impossible for me to gather other information, as we are talking about an operation performed about 2 months ago.
It quite clear that pygtk interface running within gnome (and upgrading gnome and python itself) is prone to crash.
Everyone who has run this kind of upgrade at least once in his life, has seen gnome-panel crashing, all icons in the desktop disappearing. the desktop not responding anymore.... and so on.

If I tell you that Gnome goes down, and everything start crashing, is this a bug or not?
Do you really need to look log files to state something that it's clearly happening?