Comment 2 for bug 223419

jihoon (jihoon) wrote :

OK. I see where the problem is now.

Under Korean language environment, the upgrade process asks for confirmation with the following message.
msgid "Continue [yN] "
msgstr "계속 [yN] "

But, the function that compares the user-input answer ( DistUpgrade/ ) compares the string with _("Y") and _("N"), which gets substituted with "예" and "아니오".

So, the user has no idea that he/she should answer with korean word equivalent of "y"/"n", instead of the literal string "y"/"n".

I think ko.po should be patched to keep "y"/"n" strings as is. (not translating it to korean word of "예"/"아니오") as below.

--- cut here ---
#. TRANSLATORS: the "y" is "yes"
#: ../DistUpgrade/
#: ../DistUpgrade/
msgid "y"
msgstr "y"

#. TRANSLATORS: the "n" is "no"
#: ../DistUpgrade/
msgid "n"
msgstr "n"
--- cut here ---