Comment 9 for bug 193879

pokkets (pokkets1) wrote :

 I knew I could have been asking for trouble with debian 40r2 on ubuntu, but I wanted to know if I could use it as a source if I lost my internet connection Something I hadn't noticed because I was busy going between sessions. Shut down was on the main toolbar, and it went to the logon screen. it stopped at suspend. So I give it the 5 second death count. After the grub screen, I found out busybox wasn't as good as I thought it would be, got stuck at busybox, with an initramfs prompt. Restored and repeated the misery and lost shut down again, I hadn't checked if I got it back. but when I went to sources I found three new entries. ubuntu feisty-backport and two unsupported feisty update sources. I know the archive.dogfood is at launchpad, I had to check, but I don't know where they came from. Maybe I missed them while I was going around in circles. ( does a hard drive) I've always got hardyA4 and kde4 on VMplayer. I just noticed KDE4 was at my ISP list. When I noticed the archive.dogfood source, My dog was reminding me I'd been spending too much time on the computer. apt.log wont help it's at the restore date.
I know gutsy is getting old. I might wait until I see what I can screw up with hardy, and debian4.0r3