Activity log for bug #157111

Date Who What changed Old value New value Message
2007-10-25 15:45:57 Benson Margulies bug added bug
2007-10-25 15:46:40 Benson Margulies bug added attachment 'up-oops.tgz' (as requested by the error popup.)
2007-10-27 20:56:53 Michael Vogt title gutsy upgrade failed alternative CD upgrade without network does not work with custom language installs (was: gutsy upgrade failed)
2007-10-27 20:58:40 Michael Vogt update-manager: status New Confirmed
2008-12-20 23:40:25 Jean-Baptiste Lallement update-manager: status Confirmed Invalid
2008-12-20 23:40:25 Jean-Baptiste Lallement update-manager: statusexplanation Could you please try again with network and see if that fixes the issue? Thank you for taking the time to report this bug and helping to make Ubuntu better. We are closing this report because you reported this bug a while ago and there is no recent duplicate nor user mentioning having the issue on Intrepid. If this is still an issue, don't hesitate to reopen the report. Thanks again!