Comment 5 for bug 116188

David Douard (david-douard) wrote :

For your informations, the origin of the pb is that dpkg failed becaused I had installed scipy from source a while ago (and forgot that). The presence of real files in /usr/lib/python instead of symlink (the way things are now done in debian/ubuntu) made dpkg fail.

So the real problem is, as stated in the modified title, when a pb occur during the upgrade, the update-manager application just stops. The embedded terminal do not shown anything after that point. Actually, I've noticed that the file descriptor (a pipe I guess) for this embedded terminal is then closed, so the running dpkg just hang waiting for data to be written in this pipe (I've straced it).

I had no other choice than killing it, and finishing the installation with a "apt-get install --configure" in a terminal.