Comment 8 for bug 966189

Matthew Paul Thomas (mpt) wrote :

installshield_freak, thanks for that work. But as you note in a code comment, it's still not accurate: it would say "Installation in Progress..." when it's actually still waiting to install. And I'm not sure if I'm reading it correctly, but a test asserting that the text does not equal "Installation in Progress" without ellipsis isn't useful if the text is never that, but sometimes "Installation in Progress..." with Ascii dots.

Beyond that, though, it doesn't look right to me that text like "Installation in Progress..." would be embedded into the Unity code at all. I think Unity should be getting the status text for the operation directly from Aptdaemon. <> So if Aptdaemon says the status is "Waiting to install", the tooltip says "Waiting to install". If Aptdaemon says the status is "Downloading… (4.7 MB of 5.3 MB)", the tooltip says "Downloading… (4.7 MB of 5.3 MB)". If Aptdaemon says the status is "Installing…", the tooltip says "Installing…". And so on.

Only once the operation completes should Unity either change the tooltip to the application name (if it was a successful installation) or remove the item altogether (if it was a removal or an unsuccessful installation).