Comment 62 for bug 887821

OzzyFrank (ubuntu-ozzyfrank) wrote :

Happens to me on a fresh install of 16.04.1. The progress dialogue was there until I hit Show Desktop - no keyboard shortcuts bring it back - right-click launcher in Unity panel and "Show Copy Dialogue" does absolutely nothing - I do not have an arrow-in-folder app-indicator on the top panel - nothing listed here or and web pages I've looked at. The only way I know it is still copying is that in the Unity launcher there is a small progress-bar across it, and if I bring up Properties for the target folder I can briefly see the number of files increase.

I really hoped this would have been fixed by now - this problem has plagued my brother since 12.04, and is one of the main reasons I ended up going KDE. But I figured I'd give Unity another shot on my new PC with a fresh install, and I'd really like to stick with it (but having no visible file operation progress basically kills it for me).