Comment 10 for bug 880876

I followed Alex's instructions and it seemed to work fine at first (It worked after re-starting though. Logout wasn't enough).

Unfortunately, the problems were not really solved. Later I checked it again and found that it sometimes doesn't work. I could eventually found the condition causing it.
If I open any application and close it, the problems happen again.

For instance, it works fine on gedit then I close all the gedit windows and open it again. Now all the problems are back. It doesn't matter what application I open and close. Even opening nautilus and closing it causes the problem. Once it's done, it happens in any applications until I log out and in again.

So if I open nautilus and close the nautilus window, the problems start happening in gedit, terminal, Pidgin, LibreOffice, etc.

I'm seriously considering reinstalling Ubuntu 11.04.