Activity log for bug #778578

Date Who What changed Old value New value Message
2011-05-06 15:36:43 Jeff H bug added bug
2011-05-06 17:36:14 Omer Akram unity (Ubuntu): importance Undecided Low
2011-06-16 13:34:17 Harry van Haaren summary Problem with window focus when switching virtual desktops when using VirtualBox-OSE Problem with window focus when switching virtual desktops
2011-06-16 13:35:32 Harry van Haaren unity: status New Confirmed
2011-06-16 13:35:34 Harry van Haaren unity (Ubuntu): status New Confirmed
2011-06-27 20:08:00 Matt Hellige bug added subscriber Matt Hellige
2011-07-20 12:47:43 Steve Liles bug added subscriber Steve Liles
2011-07-24 11:11:19 kgoeser bug added subscriber kgoeser
2011-09-05 07:12:31 arno_b bug added subscriber arno_b
2011-10-14 13:18:55 Emil Styrke bug added subscriber Emil Styrke
2011-11-03 18:48:06 Justin bug added subscriber Justin
2012-01-17 12:44:45 Ben bug added subscriber Ben Dixon
2012-03-02 19:15:13 David Cox bug added subscriber David Cox
2012-04-12 15:15:02 Jason J. Herne bug added subscriber Jason J. Herne
2012-06-25 10:01:57 Omer Akram unity (Ubuntu): status Confirmed Incomplete
2012-06-25 10:02:00 Omer Akram unity: importance Undecided Low
2012-06-25 10:02:03 Omer Akram unity: status Confirmed Incomplete
2012-06-25 15:30:46 Steve Langasek tags amd64 apport-bug compiz-0.9 natty needs-reassignment regression-update running-unity ubuntu amd64 apport-bug compiz-0.9 natty needs-reassignment running-unity ubuntu
2012-07-18 07:51:38 atreju bug added subscriber atreju
2012-09-17 04:17:12 Launchpad Janitor unity (Ubuntu): status Incomplete Expired
2012-09-17 04:17:15 Launchpad Janitor unity: status Incomplete Expired