Comment 3 for bug 769873

Ah, looks like I am able to get the behaviour only when I set the key bindings to Super+Left, Right etc. In fact, the behaviour doesn't seem to be limited to switching workspaces, the Launcher intercepts any Super+Key shortcut and shows up temporarily. This is probably because its (default) keybinding is set to Super. If that's the case, two questions:

1. Isn't a key binding of Super supposed to imply Super key Down + Up, as opposed to Super key Down + Some other key?

2. I tried setting the key binding to something else, like Super+L, this fixes the issue. However, now Super+L only shows the Launcher with the icons, but not the entry box with the shortcuts / search results displayed etc. I am not able to invoke that at all using a keybinding unless its set to Super (the default), I have to click on the Ubuntu icon at the top left every time.

I have attached a desktop recording showing the issue.