Comment 6 for bug 741731

Hernando Torque (htorque) wrote :

Before building Unity with that commit, I've observed the following:

* You can stop the sticky unhide by triggering a short unhide like the one in bug 724986. Other short unhides: dragging tabs in Chromium, dragging desktop icons, dragging text in gedit, dragging layers in GIMP, dragging a gnome-terminal tab outside of the window.

* The gnome-terminal can also cause a sticky unhide:
1.) Open gnome-terminal
2.) Open a second tab
3.) Drag the tab outside of the window, back again, then release and make sure to move the pointer away from the tab
-> launcher will unhide and hide again
4.) Repeat 3.
-> launcher will do a sticky unhide unless you hover one of the tabs to get a tooltip or open the context menu (see attached screencast).


Now I built Unity with that commit and I see different results for two systems:

System 1 (x86, nvidia-current, a fresh beta 1 install):

- Still getting the sticky unhides, but only for Opera.
- Still can undo them with short unhides.
- gnome-terminal now also does a short instead of a sticky unhide.

System 2 (x64, -intel):

- No more sticky unhides (Opera, gnome-terminal)
- Both act like short unhides.
- Most of the time the mouse pointer stays in the dragging state (pointer icon is a hand) until I do a left-click (Opera)