Comment 0 for bug 729009

Matthew Paul Thomas (mpt) wrote :

Binary package hint: unity

Unity 3.6.0-0ubuntu2, Ubuntu Natty alpha 3

1. Click the Ubuntu button.

What you see:
* "Find Internet Apps" is the second item on the first row.
* "Browse the Web", with the well-known Firefox icon, is the fifth item on the first row.
* "Check Email" is the second item on the second row.

Firefox and e-mail are both obviously Internet applications, but they are scattered away from "Find Internet Apps" and even from each other. This would perhaps be reasonable if the Dash was showing every installed application, and Firefox and Evolution were just taking their alphabetical places. But it is not and they are not; only four applications are shown by default, and their order seems to be random.

What you should see: either
- the Dash shows every installed application by default; or
- Firefox, Evolution, and any category for other Internet applications are immediately next to each other.