Comment 14 for bug 704231

I'm pretty confused why this isn't a config issue, or a very simple fix - aren't we talking a boolean here?

I understand Mark's desire to have a simple and consistent behaviour at the desktop level, but the gross implementation chosen not only grabs the use of Super as a solo key, (as intended), but also apparently in any combination with other keys.

Until this behaviour came along I understand tens or hundreds of projects were employing Super+ key combinations quite happily. I for one was using both Gnome-Do's default key mappings and Scale (with Super+Shift+W for 'window group' as well as Super+W for 'all windows') every day. Since this is a desktop-level intervention, there's little that any of them can do to fix this without Ubuntu's cooperation. It also silently breaks CCSM since any keys chosen there which include Super+ are plain ignored.

Why the unwillingness to work with the CCSM engine to allocate and manage conflicts between keymappings here? It's not as if Ubuntu provides an alternative. As far as I can see, the Keyboard Shortcuts app distributed with Ubuntu provides no meaningful configuration of the Unity Super+ options, so working constructively with CCSM could provide a usable configuration interface for those shortcuts too.

Since super keys were properly dispatched before, and multiple Compiz plugins have managed to co-exist for years using different combinations of the super key, why is it that Unity still breaks every possible Super+ combination?

Loath to switch back to Classic and be a dinosaur on this, but losing my most central desktop control behaviours is a lot of grief.