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A show desktop horizontal strip under the trash, similar to the vertical one to the right of the windows 7 taskbar.

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From: Lokard
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Subject: [Bug 681348] Re: Build "show me the desktop" mini-app that adds a show desktop button to Launcher

Will it be possible to place the show desktop icon at the bottom-left?
Below or in place of the trash icon?

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  Build "show me the desktop" mini-app that adds a show desktop button
  to Launcher

Status in Ayatana Design:
Status in Unity:
Status in “unity” package in Ubuntu:

Bug description:
  Keyboard shortcut to minimise all windows required.


  Ubuntu used to have a button on the bottom left corner of the screen
  that minimised all windows. This button was equivalent to a button
  that used to exist in MS Windows prior to the advent of Vista/Windows
  7. In Unity this button has been removed, however a 'minimise all'
  function is still useful to allow users to go directly to their

  Competitive analysis:

  Minimise all windows functionality in other operating systems.

  Windows 2000 & Windows XP: Button on desktop and "Windows Logo+D" key combination
  Window 7: "Windows Logo + D" key combination only
  OSX: "Option-Command-M" Key combination only

  Change request:

  - Create a small application that when clicked minimises all windows.
  Users who would like a 'minimise all windows' button can then add this
  application to their launcher. This app will not be in the Launcher
  by default.

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