Comment 6 for bug 681348

I've been observing my own (current non-) use of Show Desktop; the key thing seems to be that Show Desktop is reversible; so that the state and position of all of the windows is restored on a second click/toggle. This makes it possible to "nip to the desktop" for a couple of seconds but still keep the complete working state. At the moment, without Show Desktop being available, minimising all of the windows manually loses the window state/position /and/ Alt-tab stack position.

To make it reversible, "Show Desktop" probably means that it should keep its own tri-state icon.

Regarding "Trash" and its purpose. Other than looking pretty and cute, why is Trash so different from any of the other "Special" locations in the filemanager... What makes "Trash" different enough from the other items shown on the left-hand-side of Nautilus ("Desktop" "File System" "Network" "Rubbish Bin" "Documents" "Music" "Pictures" "Videos" "Downloads") so that it needs its own single-use icon? (Clicking the Trash icon keeps loading copies of Nautilus, rather than toggling).