Comment 31 for bug 681348

@mlaverdiere: Thank you for pointing me to that patch. Most of the time it is working instantly, if it does not you just have to wait till it stops blinking and then press it again - not a big deal compared to swiveling the screen around to get to the physical keyboard when in tablet mode...
SImilar instructions are here:

@Mark Shuttleworth: I am just a copy-paste ex-windows-user, I had no idea that this function seems to be so difficult to implement. If it will be there in 11.10 I can live with the above patch (and still hope for a plugin...).
Using Tablet PCs since 2005 and switching from Windows exactly one year ago I just wanna point out that Ubuntu with Unity is really great for Tablet PCs already. All I am missing is that button and a native virtual keyboard integration. 11.04 is great stuff!