Comment 30 for bug 681348

For those like Consumology who need a button to show the desktop, here's a dirty and imperfect workaround , while we wait for the real thing (... in Oneiric):

1. Install xdotool (apt-get install xdotool) - this is a utility to fake keyboard/mouse input, window management, and more

2. Create a launcher, with wahtever name ("show desktop "should do the job!) with this command (this will fake the same as super+d on the keyboard): xdotool : xdotool key super+d super

3. Place this launcher on the Unity launcher bar.

It works... most of the time, with the caveat that you can't toggle quickly between desktop and windows/apps, since once you click on the launcher, you have to wait for the "glowing" effect to stop before you can reclick on it... Also, it may sometimes open the Ubuntu menu. Any improvement suggestion is welcomed.

Bottom line, if you don't use a tablet/touchscreen device, you better rely on the Compiz tweak suggested above and use a screen corner...