Comment 19 for bug 681348


I'm not a developer, but I'm using ubuntu for almost 5 years and I was very excited about the forthcoming new release with Unity, so I decided not to wait (and to contribute a very little bit) by testing it.

And after a few days, one of my main problems/frustrations is indeed the missing of a 'show desktop'/'minimize all'- button, as outlined above. I am also user of the desktop for storing recent files , something I find very handy, because, till now, you could very quickly see and access them.
I know there is already a shortcut with super-D, but I think that for a lot regular users you cannot rely on keyboard-shortcuts only, but that you also have to have a button-alternative.

And maybe not really on topic, but to come back on the last post of mlaverdiere: I also experienced the same. I tried intuitively to click on the icon of an app in the sidebar to minimise it when that app was the active app. I noticed it didn't work like that, but that was what I intuitively thought and tried.

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