Comment 17 for bug 681348

I agree 100% with Xavier.

Valeryan_24 wrote:
> Hello,
> In my case, I use very often and a lot desktop, as a desktop IRL, to
> store temporarily lots of files and open them (to read, print...) -
> downloads from Firefox, quick work on file from USB to send by mail...
> So I frequently need to switch on desktop to manage them.
> Of course you can access to deskto via "Place" menu or Nautilus or Dash
> (and put it as a favorite folder), or by the virtual desktop switcher if
> you have one of the 4 still empty, but it needs at least 2 clicks, and
> it is very useful to have possibility to minimize all windows in only 1
> quick click : before on Gnome panel there was a "show desktop" button,
> which was perfect for that.
> So IMHO the best would be to have ability to add an icon launcher in
> Unity dock which would do exactly the same.
> Best regards,
> Xavier
> On 09/03/2011 17:13, Alex Launi wrote:
>> I'm sorry but could someone please provide a defense of this
>> functionality in the first place? Why is it useful to get to the
>> desktop? Doesn't the dash pretty much facilitate any reason you'd have
>> for getting to the desktop?