Comment 2 for bug 1735993

teo1978 (teo8976) wrote :

I've realized the new window that is created when you open the external disk unit DOES have an icon on Launcher, which gets selected when it has focus and correctly shows the triangle(s) indicating its existing window(s). But it is separated from Nautilus' main Launcher icon.

This is a completely broken UI design. There's no reason to generate a separate icon in Launcher with a different symbol, and even if that made sense, there should be some kind of animation when this happens showing you that the existing window was destroyed and a new one has been created.
The overall user experience is inconsistent: if you look at the window you are interacting with, all seems like you keep using the same window, interacting with its contents which change. If you look at the Launcher icons, it looks like a new window has been created and the old one destroyed.