Comment 0 for bug 1582056

v (v-) wrote :

This bug has been, well, bugging me for a while. It was hard to reproduce but I have finally found a way to reproduce it. I think there is more than one way of reproducing this bug.

Here is what worked for me.

Three Gnome Terminals open, and Chromium.
Click on "Show Desktop" or ALT-TAB to "Show Desktop".
Now Click On Terminal in the Unity Launcher, and it will bring up the last active terminal.
Click on the Terminal again, and you will be presented with a selection window to pick one of three terminals.
Pick anything other than the active terminal.
The new active terminal will come to the foreground, and immediately disappear.
The old active terminal will remain on the screen.

This bug has been present since at least Ubuntu 14.10.

Thank you.