Comment 6 for bug 1311316

LGB [Gábor Lénárt] (lgb) wrote :

Just noticed: sometimes (if the problem occurs) I see the screen I've posted after locking the screen (ctrl-alt-l). If I don't touch the keyboard and mouse the screen fades into black and after some seconds I see the login screen presented with full bright again where I can unlock the session. I don't know too well the new features of the unity desktop, but I guess the first (problematic) screen may be the unity-locker and only that have the problem. Moreover, it's kinda strange for me that I lock my computer (notebook) so I expect that it should save power to turn off display, fade to black etc, but after it happens I get the login screen where I can unlock my session but it's not faded etc. I try to adjust settings in gnome control center and unity control center (I am not sure they are some or not) but I couldn't figure out what settings affect these exactly.