Comment 43 for bug 1310316

Randy (rlsage) wrote :

Unstable Font Scaling bug.

Same problem; every time I log in,
scaling has been reduced to smaller,
as have menu and title bars.
It started after a recent update. (No idea which one.)
Getting tired of "Lilliputian Font size 02."
I was having to reset font scaling every morning on login.

Dual monitors, Ubuntu 16.04 lts.

A fix:

Be sure to set EVERY scaling factor to 1.0.

First: Settings / Displays / Scale for menu and title bars,
set 1.0 for both monitors, by clicking on each monitor identified.

Then set font scaling to 1.0 using Unity Tweak Tool.

So far, this fix has worked. Stable scaling at 1.0 on login.