Comment 21 for bug 1310316

asala (asala) wrote :

Further info on my previous comment: If I set scaling to "1" in both "unity tweak tool" and "Display" settings, then logging on several times does NOT increase the scaling.
If, from that starting conditions, I modify on the "displays" ("monitores" in Spanish) settings (native Ubuntu) then the scaling keeps constant between logons, and you see the same value in "unity tweak tool" and "Display" controls.

However, ifstarting with the same (but different from 1) setting in displays and tweak tool, then you change the setting in "unity tweak tool" then it does NOT change in the display one, and actually the one in Unity Tweak Tool at next logon seems to be the product of both... and, as commented in #18, it leads to an exponential increase.

A variation of workaround #18. setting the "Display" setting to one and keeping it different from one in "unity tweak tool" does work for me.

SO, it seems that interferences mentioned in #2 and #7 can be confirmed and perhaps the bug is in "unity-tweak-tool".

Although I am not a developer, it would be nice to confirm if some of you suffers the bug without unity-tweak-tool installed.
As the maintainer of "unity-tweak-tool" is Barneedhar Vigneshwar, I subscribed him to this bug.