Comment 19 for bug 1310316

herbaman (fat-b) wrote :

This also affects or maybe affected me. I think the problem appears because the x server does not set the right dpi value - and for some reason the text-scale factor keeps to be reseted from time to time, maybe because of an update.

I manually set the correct dpi value of my screen (122dpi) in /etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf with adding this line:
xserver-command=X -dpi 122

and restartet the x-server.
Xorg.0.log now says: [ 3033.310] (++) intel(0): DPI set to (122, 122) <- this was (96, 96) before
The Text-scale factor has been set to a usable value after that.

Maybe some of you can try this as well (with your individual dpi settings for your monitor) to see if this really fixes the problem.