Comment 171 for bug 1170647

Gregory Kramida (algomorph) wrote :

Let's see if we can reach a consensus.

***Desired default behavior:***

Files icon -> switches to existing window if one is open
Trash -> opens new window
Removable media (flash drives, cameras, etc.) -> opens new window
Hard drive partitions -> opens new tab in existing window

***+ Options in the settings:***
-What does the files icon do: maximize existing window if possible | open a new tab with home folder in existing window | opens a new window with home folder
-What does the trash icon do: open trash in new tab of existing window | open trash in new window
-What do removable media icons do: open media in new tab of existing window | open media in new window
-What do hard drive partition icons do: open partition in new tab of existing window | open partition in new window

If anyone disagrees that this would be a true fix for this 'bug', please let us know!