Comment 12 for bug 1078075

mxyzptlk (mxyzptlk) wrote :

Update: I've fixed the problem, for now. Here's what I've done.

First, I have an Intel 965GM onboard gfx card. Recently Intel released its own official Linux Graphics Driver Installer, and I used that. It didn't fix the problem.

The I noted that in ~/.xprofile, I had the following:

I'm not certain if that was there before due to previous monkeying around or not. But I removed that .xprofile, restarted, and the Unity Launcher is now working properly.

I can't say if it's the Linux Graphics Driver Installer, the .xprofile set to low gfx mode, or both. But if you have an intel gfx card, you might want to try the official driver installer and check/nix any .xprofile that is set to run in low gfx mode.