Comment 7 for bug 1020075

AlexHarrowell (a-harrowell) wrote :

I'm experiencing this bug immediately after login on Ubuntu Quantal 12.10 for x86-64, on a ThinkPad X200S with 8GB of RAM and an Intel graphics card.

Steps to reproduce:

1) Update packages in the branch to current status
2) Reboot
3) A normal login screen is presented
4) Log in with your password


Graphical controls don't start. Launcher and toolbar absent. Window management elements absent. Desktop icons are present.

Underlying system is functional from the CLI. Mozilla Firefox is available if you launch it via the bug reporting tool. Document Viewer (evince) is functional, but missing the window bar. OpenOffice is functional.

Stacktrace, segfault analysis etc. is identical with this bug except that the memory location is given as 0x0.

Problems began with a similar failure, which produced a crash report relating to nautilus and saying that nautilus, libcups2, libgail-3-0, libgtk-3-0, libgtk-3-common needed updating. Updating relieved the nautilus crash and got rid of a nautilus trap int3 error from syslog, but replaced it with the compiz crash.

Compiz debug output shows that various files are not found at first attempt but are eventually traced.