Comment 6 for bug 1073114

@cm-t: I would agree that this bug might affect all other online-search lenses, i,e, unity-scope-video-remote and unity-scope-musicstores (if I understand well, these are the only 2 other supported lenses that perform online search for now). I'm not so sure however how to link the current report to these packages. Opening 2 new bug reports seems redundant...

Should we understand that the French CNIL advice was supporting the EFF one? I wouldn't be surprised if in Canada (Québec), where I live (bonjour en passant!), our own privacy protection agencies/laws (there is one at federal level and another at provincial level) would have similar requirement to the recommendations coming from EFF... To get an idea on the Canadian privacy agency's concerns in relation with online services, see this:

No doubt that it's really important for Ubuntu/Canonical to respect high standards/universally recognized rules on privacy protection when implementing new services or delivering new products, in order to avoid any clash with various national requirements. In that respect, the legal notice that has been introduced in the dash (bottom right corner) in a hurry at the end of the 12.10 development cycle seems kind of weak to me (for one thing and as far as I can see, it's not even localized/translated!).