Comment 3 for bug 1073114


With a group of benevol, LoCo ubuntu-fr started a work on a project called "Dash-Privacy-Online" ( ). Ubuntu-fr is taking this modest project seriously, especialy after recommandations gave by the french CNIL ( ) in a meeting last week; and is thinking about making the 12.10 french speaking iso with Dash-Privacy-Online included.

 * Dash-Privacy-Interface is launched at the first login …
 * …for every new unity user created on the machine (guest session too)
 * include 2 buttons: enable, diseable online results
 * include descrption with :
 * a link to help page of the dash
 * a link to the legale notice
 * a link to Canonical privacy policy
 * a link to the privacy menu (learn that u can change your choice later at your wish)

LoCo who distribute their own iso should have a look on this project if they have doubt with their local legislation and don't have people to code ( translation is opened at )

In the hope a patch become native