Comment 0 for bug 1304866

1. When the password is about to expire, the user will see the message on the login UI very briefly before the desktop appears. It's not actually long enough to read the message

2. Ubuntu 12.04.

3. How reproducible is the problem?
4. Steps to Reproduce:
   4.1. Make new user
   4.2. Make user account set to expiring with chage tool.
   4.3. Login in lightdm.

   a. Actual Results: A brief message is displayed saying the password is expiring. I can't even read the full message...
   b. Expected Results: A longer pause, or ideally a message after login saying the password is expiring and asking if they want to change it.

5. Known Workaround:
It's a usability bug in some situations and requires resetting the password on a different system in the worse case [1] if the user wasn't proactive at resetting their password.