Comment 3 for bug 1155157

<mterry> ScottK, hello! I don't quite understand your question in bug
, could you explain?
<ubottu> bug 1155157 in unity-greeter (Ubuntu Raring) "[FFe] Allow custom
indicators" [Undecided,New]
<ScottK> mterry: I recall some discussion the other day on IRC about session
buses needing to be manually enabled. It may have been irrelevant, but my
question was are we already using a greeter session bus by default or does the
greeter normally use the system bus?
<mterry> ScottK, the greeter has a session bus already. I know because it
spawns some things that have used it. But it's never exposed an interface on
the bus before. That's new
<mterry> (things like indicators use it)