[unity-2d] FF exception to add PointerBarrier to Unity2d

Bug #947976 reported by Gerry Boland on 2012-03-06
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Albert Astals Cid
unity-2d (Ubuntu)

Bug Description

PointerBarrier is an important part of the desktop specification for the Precise cycle. It creates an XPointerBarrier with additional logic to detect if a mouse is pushing against the barrier, triggering Launcher reveal if over a certain pressure, and causing the barrier to drop if over a higher pressure.

This feature is currently in place in Unity. So for feature parity, Unity 2D needs this also.

Please find the ready-to-merge MR for this feature attached to this bug report.

Testing is 2-fold: first there is a comprehensive unit test of the PointerBarrier class, which runs inside a fake Xserver and manipulates the mouse to ensure the barrier operates properly.

Second, our automated UX tests have been updated to reflect the change from Mouse-over area to PointerBarrier, and all previous behaviour of the Launcher is maintained

Please find pbuilder logs attached.

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Gerry Boland (gerboland) wrote :
Gerry Boland (gerboland) on 2012-03-06
Changed in unity-2d (Ubuntu):
importance: Undecided → High
Kate Stewart (kate.stewart) wrote :

When would this be able to land and be user visible after integration testing in Ubuntu?

Kate Stewart (kate.stewart) wrote :

Based on discussion in #ubuntu-release channel, this is approved to go in as a micro point release to land before 3/15. If it can't make that date, we need to revisit. Want to make sure unity-2d 5.8 is a bug fix only release, given its landing right at freeze date.

Gerry Boland (gerboland) on 2012-03-06
Changed in unity-2d:
status: New → Confirmed
milestone: none → 5.8
importance: Undecided → High
Gerry Boland (gerboland) on 2012-03-06
Changed in unity-2d:
status: Confirmed → Fix Committed
assignee: nobody → Albert Astals Cid (aacid)
Didier Roche (didrocks) on 2012-03-15
Changed in unity-2d:
milestone: 5.8 → 5.7
Didier Roche (didrocks) on 2012-03-19
Changed in unity-2d:
status: Fix Committed → Fix Released
Launchpad Janitor (janitor) wrote :

This bug was fixed in the package unity-2d - 5.7.0-0ubuntu1

unity-2d (5.7.0-0ubuntu1) precise; urgency=low

  * New upstream release:
    - unity-2d-panel crashed with SIGABRT in Unity2dDebug::unity2dQtHandler()
      (LP: #925457)
    - unity-2d-shell crashed with SIGSEGV in ref() (LP: #947278)
    - Launcher - Make Launcher left of screen reveal more responsive and less
      prone to false positives (LP: #765819)
    - [dash] [launcher] [panel] Tinting based on wallpaper missing
      (LP: #882101)
    - [launcher] In multimonitor setup Unity-2D only shows launcher on one
      monitor (fails MM UX spec #2.8) (LP: #780204)
    - [unity-2d] FF exception to add PointerBarrier to Unity2d (LP: #947976)
    - multimonitor, launcher: Provide an option to display either a single
      launcher or a launcher on each display in a multi-monitor environment
      (LP: #950136)
    - lens switching is not keyboard navigable (LP: #945220)
    - [panel] [multi-monitor] On secondary screen, unable to scrub from
      indicator menu to app menu (LP: #844809)
    - "Workspaces" button displays previous wallpaper (LP: #900019)
    - Dash - cursor should change when pointer is over the search field
      (LP: #849175)
    - Filter checkboxes are without margins in right to left locales
      (LP: #949319)
    - [panel] [multi-monitor] Open indicator menu on one screen causes other
      indicator to look open too (LP: #844798)
    - Dash - horizental divider line in between categories incorrectly drawn
      (LP: #841750)
    - [launcher] Tile Progress bar starting from left of launcher, not
      container (LP: #912777)
    - Dash - dash is not closed with alt+f4 (LP: #891818)
    - [dash] Rating stars in right-to-left locales behave inconsistently.
      (LP: #945719)
    - LensButton.qml:72 warning when running unity-2d (LP: #947276)
    - [dash] Multi-range filters are rendered incorrectly in right-to-left
      locales (LP: #950649)
  * debian/unity-2d.gconf-defaults:
    - removed: not used anymore and causing regression with hide-mode=2
      by default, converted to the gsettings key (LP: #942772)
  * debian/unity-2d.preinst:
    - removed, was a natty -> oneiric transition
  * debian/control, debian/unity-2d-common.install:
    - create unity-2d-common and make some packages depending on it
    - move some files from unity-2d package to unity-2d-common
      (gsettings and apport hook) to have packaging shipping their schema
      (LP: #925457)
  * debian/unity-2d-common.install.in:
    - no more gconf -> gsettings migration shipped
  * debian/unity-2d.postinst, prerm, trigger:
    - moved to unity-2d-common new package, to ensure even people uninstalling
      unity-2d got the right metacity configuration in the session
    - update the trigger to the correct directory
  * debian/control:
    - bump to latest Standards-Version
    - fix some too long description
    - put the transitional packages in the oldlibs/extra section
    - build-dep on libxtst-dev, libxfixes-dev for barrier change
    - need latest metacity for barriers to work
 -- Didier Roche <email address hidden> Mon, 19 Mar 2012 14:07:10 +0100

Changed in unity-2d (Ubuntu):
status: New → Fix Released
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