Support for striped and animated progressbars like adwaita

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unico (Ubuntu)

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There should be an option for using diagonally striped progressbars, which can be set through a css property in the theme.
Note: Though striped progressbars can be used by specifying engine:adwaita; in the progressbar's properties, it looks weird( see attached image).

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Gaurav Pareek (grvrulz) wrote :
Andrea Cimitan (cimi)
Changed in unico:
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Andrea Cimitan (cimi) wrote :

please note that the stripes are already doable, just the animation is not added (yet)

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Matt Pharoah (mpharoah) wrote :

I'd like this feature too. I tried messing around with Unico, but the best I could do is make an extremely ugly static progress bar with 2 giant triangles :/

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Matt Pharoah (mpharoah) wrote :

Can you post how you got the theme to use Adwaitia engine for the progress bars in an otherwise Unico theme? Your problem seems to be that the trough code does not much up, which we can probably fix.

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Matt Pharoah (mpharoah) wrote :

YEAH! I managed to get stripes working. It's kind of ugly right now, because I replaced most gradiants with solids colours when converting the names of colour variables to fit, but that can be changed.

I'll attach my current version, (search for xyzzy to find the part of the code where the changes occur- note that the trough code is also altered)

I'll continue working on it, and attach another version when I get things looking nicer :)

(NOTE: This example fix is for the Ambiance theme, but you should be able to get it to worm with any other theme.)

Animation doesn't appear to work yet, however. I may need to change other parts of the file to accomplish this.

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Matt Pharoah (mpharoah) wrote :

Whoops, somehow uploaded the wrong file. HERE"S my fixed version of gtk-widgets

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Matt Pharoah (mpharoah) wrote :

Well, THAT was a lot easier than I thought it would be! I've deleted by previous ugly version, and attached my completed version.

The gtk-widgets.css theme is the Ambiance theme with changed made to use diagonal stripes of whatever colour you've set your theme to use.

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Matt Pharoah (mpharoah) wrote :

Attached example of how the fix should look. (You'll have to log out and back in for it to take effect)

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Matt Pharoah (mpharoah) wrote :

I noticed that my fix only worked for applications that use gtk 3.0. In order to get striped progress bars back (an this time they're animated!), edit /usr/share/themes/<your theme name>/gtk-2.0/gtkrc then find the progress bar section and replace it with this:

style "progressbar" {
 xthickness = 0
 ythickness = 0

 fg[PRELIGHT] = @selected_fg_color

 engine "murrine" {
  animation = TRUE
  border_shades = { 1.2, 1.0 }
  contrast = .85
  glazestyle = 5
  glow_shade = 1.20
  glowstyle = 0
  gradient_shades = { 1.13, 1.02, 1.00, 1.02 }
  lightborder_shade = 1.2
  lightborderstyle = 1
   progressbarstyle = 1
  roundness = 2
  trough_shades = { 0.98, 1.08 }

affects: unico → unico (Ubuntu)
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