Comment 5 for bug 903422

I'm on Ubuntu 11.10, using a Samsung Galaxy Nexus with Android 4/ICS.

What I observe is that connecting the GN in ptp mode behaves almost exactly as it if it was connect as a USB mass storage device, i.e., automount, icon (camera) appearing in the Launcher & Nautilus, possibility to create/move/delete any kind of files/folders, etc. Even with Banshee (and Rhythmbox I presume), if you put an ".is_audio_player" at the root, the GN will me recognized as a Media/Audio player!

Anyway, I guess that if the mtp connection was providing the same kind of access as ptp (by default, GN is set to connect as mtp device), it would be easier for novice users to have their GN phone works with Ubuntu.