Comment 16 for bug 903422

I have recently bought a Asus Transformer Prime which gives no feedback on my Kubuntu 11.10 laptop when I hook it up in MTP mode. Mass storage does not seem to be one of the options for USB though that might be because I did not have any external memory hooked up when I connected it. Using the instructions a OMG ubuntu I was able to mount the system quite quickly.

I also own a Samsung Galaxy S. Though this still has mass storage support for the built-in memory, I tried hooking it up in MTP mode for a change. Something actually did pop-up and seemed to give some access to the phone. It seems however that I did not have access to all the files as I do seem to have on Windows.

I do hope that this can be included in the next release of (K)Ubuntu because a lot of people will be running into this now. If Ubuntu truly wants to remain a distro for the not-so-technical users things like this should really be picked up early.

@w-troop: you might have to install the package mtp-tools (i.e. execute 'sudo apt-get install mtp-tools' ). Though I would still except some output even if it is not installed. You could try executing just 'mtp-detect' and see if you can find the values yourself.