Comment 13 for bug 903422

Andre asked, "@traverlaw Did you try to follow the tutorial at "OMG! Ubuntu" which is linked in the bug description?"

Yes I did try it, several times, in many different versions as found on the web, and it does not work. I also upgraded via compiling to libmtp-1.1.1 and it still did not work. File access to a Galaxy Nexus via Linux should be an easy plug-in-the-phone treat, not requiring hours of searching the web, compiling new packages, editing files, and manually mounting and unmouting. When finally able to get to the files with the new lebmtp, they could be seen, but not accessed. Picutres would not show, music would not play. It was, from the user perspective, a wild goose chase that led to nothing. Android, it appears, is leaving Linux behind, and that is a very bad thing for Linux.