Comment 5 for bug 889226

Bryce Harrington (bryce) wrote :

<bryceh> slangasek, ls -l /dev/input ?
<slangasek> bryceh:
<Sarvatt> so was udev updated recently? keyboard/mouse not working bugs have almost always been following a udev update (4-5 times in oneiric..)
<bryceh> slangasek, interesting! and ls -l /dev/input/by-id/ ?
<bryceh> aha
<bryceh> slangasek, yeah so that's showing events 12 and 13 mapped to your input devices
<slangasek> hmm
<bryceh> udev sounds a likely culprit
<slangasek> aha
<slangasek> udev ISN'T RUNNING
<bryceh> slangasek, ahhhh
<slangasek> score
<bryceh> :-)
<slangasek> bryceh: thanks for looking at this :)
<slangasek> now let me see if I can figure out why it's died, since apport said nothing
<bryceh> slangasek, sure thing, glad it got sorted
<slangasek> Setting up udev (175-0ubuntu1) ...
<slangasek> Installing new version of config file /etc/init/udev.conf ...
<slangasek> restart: Job failed to restart

I wonder if X ought to print some sort of more useful error message if udev is not running, but the real issue here is udev not running.