Wrong ownership on /dev/rtc*

Bug #306458 reported by Geir Hauge on 2008-12-09
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udev (Ubuntu)

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Binary package hint: udev

On Hardy, /dev/rtc has mode and ownership 660 root:audio. On Intrepid it is a symlink to /dev/rtc0 which has 660 root:root.

Both systems have the same entry in 40-permissions.rules:
KERNEL=="rtc", GROUP="audio"

Adding a similar entry for rtc0 made the ownership equal to /dev/rtc on Hardy.

This leads me to believe that either

1. /dev/rtc* should be owned by the group audio on Intrepid too, which would probably require a change in 40-permissions.rules, or
2. that the new /dev/rtc* devices should be owned by the root group, and the entry should be removed.

My instincts goes for the former as I can imagine it breaks things if /dev/rtc isn't writable to Desktop users anymore.

The installed version of udev on my Intrepid install is 124-9

In the upstream rules, this has the root group - so we'll likely go with that

Changed in udev:
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status: New → Triaged
Launchpad Janitor (janitor) wrote :
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This bug was fixed in the package udev - 136-1

udev (136-1) jaunty; urgency=low

  One of the biggest changes in this release is that the default rules
  are no longer conffiles and are now installed into /lib/udev/rules.d

  You may still add your custom rules to /etc/udev/rules.d and these
  will be processed after the default ones, and can thus override
  anything they do.

  To avoid side-effects of default rules (ie. running of programs),
  create the file with the same name.

  * New upstream release:
    - Changed to use autoconf
    - Default rules moved to /lib/udev/rules.d
    - udevadm symlinks removed.
    - udevadm info output for --device-id-of-file changed.
    - udevadm trigger has new --type option.
    - libvolume_id soname change.
    - libvolume_id now able to return multiple matches for a single block
      device, or no matches if conflicting metadata found.
    - libudev shared library introduced.
    - by-id/scsi-* and by-id/ieee-* links both created by Firewire disks.
    - Optical devices no longer probed for raid signatures. (LP: #283316).
    - DEVTYPE=disk/partition no longer exported by default.
    - pnp support removed now that we have MODALIAS support in kernel.
    - Introduced /dev/block and /dev/char (see changelog for 124-6).
    - Rule matching engine changed, limits such as 5 ENV and ATTR matches
      and only one match for any other key are now gone. NAME assignment
      is no longer special cased (subsequent assignments will now overwrite
      unless := is used).
    - Substantial memory footprint reduction work.

  * debian/patches/01-cdrom-vol_id-probing.patch:
    - Dropped, included in upstream release.
  * debian/patches/80-extras-dvb_device_name.patch:
    - Dropped, no longer compiles and won't be needed from the next kernel
      onwards. Since these aren't boot critical, just do it in shell.
  * debian/patches/80-extras-firmware.patch:
    - Dropped, no longer compiles anyway so we may as well just use the
      upstream firmware.sh which also supports crazy PackageKit stuff
  * debian/patches/80-extras-ide_media.patch:
    - Dropped, the ide subsystem has had MODALIAS support since hardy using
      the media type.
  * debian/patches/80-extras-usb_device_name.patch:
    - Dropped, we no longer need to support the legacy usb_device subsystem
      since we've had the newer ENVTYPE=usb_device objects since hardy.
    - Bump minimum kernel version to 2.6.24 for the initramfs.
  * debian/patches/80-extras-vio_type.patch:
    - Dropped, we don't even build these modules.
  * debian/patches/80-extras-watershed.patch:
    - Dropped, we do not used it in any udev rules shipped in this package;
      it can be separated out into another source package if other things
      still use it (which we should try to make them not).

  * Merged our rules with Upstream default rules, this results in a number
    of minor changes but achieves consistency with other distributions:
    * /dev/net/tun is now mode 666, the kernel documentation says this is safe
      since you still need CAP_NET_ADMIN to create tunnels.
    * /dev/srN are now the definitive names of SCSI CD-ROM devices, with


Changed in udev:
status: Triaged → Fix Released
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