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autostatic (autostatic) wrote :

Tried to finetune my Karmic installation with the help of Ubuntu Studio Controls. These were my findings:
- When I tick 'enable raw 1394' I'm confronted with a message about privilages. English is not my native tongue but shouldn't it be privileges instead of privilages?
- Ubuntu Studio Controls messes up my /etc/security/limits.conf. After clicking 'Apply' it looks like this:

@audio - rtprio 90 # maximum realtime priority

unlimited # maximum locked-in-memory address space (KB)

So only the rtprio line got added correctly, the other lines to configure the nice and memlock settings are either not added or just garbled.
- Ubuntu Studio Controls messes up my /lib/udev/rules.d/50-udev-default.rules. After enabling raw 1394 this gets added to the file:

# do not delete static device nodes
ACTION=="remove", NAME=="", TEST=="/lib/udev/devices/%k", OPTIONS+="ignore_remove"
KERNEL=="raw1394", GROUP="video"
ACTION=="remove", NAME=="?*", TEST=="/lib/udev/devices/$name", OPTIONS+="ignore_remove"

The raw1394 just gets added somewhere, in this case as the last but one line. In my opinion it would look cleaner if this line gets added to the Firewire stanza. Or that a seperate file gets created, like 50-raw-firewire.rules, with this line in it, to make sure this line doesn't get deleted by any future updates that might overwrite the 50-udev-defaults.rules file. I'm also wondering if nothing got deleted from the 50-udev-defaults.rules file.
- After using Ubuntu Studio Controls I still couldn't use my Firewire device because 1. I was not a member of the Video group, 2. the raw1394 module still needs to get loaded and 3. /dev/raw1394 wasn't chgrp'd to video. Maybe it's an idea to integrate these steps in a future version?