Comment 5 for bug 434884

Joshua Hoover [2009-09-25 12:07 -0000]:
> The menu item in Applications->Internet launches the client so that is
> it's purpose. It is visible to the user initially by launching the
> ubuntuone-client-applet.

Ah, so it's doing nothing for me because it's already started with the

I don't think this makes a lot of sense to people to be honest.
Start/Stop is already provided in the nautilus extension, it usually
is started automatically, and for the first time setup you probably
want a real dialog, similar to the one you are just about to add.

> We want to make the preferences to always be available to the user,
> no matter if they have the applet showing or not.

Yes, that makes sense, and should probably go to System -> Prefs, as
you proposed.


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