Comment 8 for bug 829213

Ubuntu 11.10 Wallpaper shortlist selection full-set (precompression masters).
Hopefully we can do an 'ubuntu-wallpapers-high-quality' package too.

Distributed under the Terms of the CC-BY-SA licence:

The wonderful artists and their works:

Bridge in Scanolera by Robert Anderson
Siberian Tiger by Jan Hoover
Minas by CarmenGloria Gonzalez
Buck off by SirPecanGum
Berge II by Simon Schlegl
Small flowers by Dariusz Duma
Forest by Dariusz Duma
Mulgustus by Tauno Erik
WildWheat by Brian Burt
Tower by Simon Schlegl
The White Way by Simon Schlegl
JardinPolar by CarmenGloria Gonzalez
Soil by Erwin Udomlya
La solucion-mañana by Pilar Flores
El cielo sobre Berlin by Pilar Flores
Purple Dancers by Emilio Merlino
Not Alone by Deacon MacMillan
Darkening Clockwork by Matt Katzenberger
Renault Alpine Sideview by David Kirba
Sepia Leaf by Erin Estes
Langelinie Allé by SirPecanGum
Woodland by Dariusz Duma
Los colores del verde by Pilar Flores
Rose by Simon Schlegl
Dybbølsbro Station by SirPecanGum
Dewy Clover by Noah Bertilson
Autocoleopteros by CarmenGloria Gonzalez
Deboth by Fernando Garca
Segovia by Fernando Garca
Penguin beach by edb
Power of Words by Antonio Litterio
Momiji Dream by Deacon MacMillan
The Grass Aint Greener by fix pena
Sand Maze by Jose Bolorino
Touchdown by Mohamed Malik
Mount Snowdon Wales by Adam Vellender
Take2 by Francisco Villalobos
Altitude by Erin Estes
Variations on Oneiric Ocelot by madeinkobaia
Stalking Ocelot by Sayantan Chaudhuri
Reclining Ocelot by Sayantan Chaudhuri
Oxygen by Hugo Cliff
Red Poppies by Ádám Fejes
Unnamed by Federica Miglio