Comment 54 for bug 625193

  On 08/30/2010 03:01 PM, Benjamin Humphrey wrote:
> In this case, the mainstream certainly does not like the wallpaper.
> That's obvious. I also don't believe this wallpaper was landed in
> Maverick with the intention of it being a temporary one. This has never
> been done before, it was landed right on the UI freeze. If the default
> wallpaper does change between now and Maverick, it will be as a result
> of the backlash from the community rather than something that was
> planned all along.
> Regarding giving more information: I shouldn't have to tell the design
> team what's wrong with it, they're paid to design good things, they
> should know. When somebody does bad work, they should be ready to face
> the consequences - most of the time criticism. This is true in all other
> areas of the world. Grow a thicker skin.
> The problem with open source is that no one has the guts to stand up and
> call people out on bad work for fear of getting a telling off from the
> community - I should know, I'm usually the one standing up.
> If no one points out mistakes, then we will never advance. This
> wallpaper is a mistake and it needs to be fixed so that we can forget
> about this and release the quality distro that Maverick is without users
> projectile vomiting when they boot up for the first time.
The projectile vomit would, however make their screen look a lot better.