Comment 0 for bug 1394511

Daniel d'Andrada (dandrader) wrote :

In the future unity8 will rotate instead of having apps rotating themselves. So that launcher, edge gestures, panel and application UI all have the same orientation and rotate together nicely. This includes the dialogs shown by unity8, such as the power dialog that pops up when you long-press the power button.

This is unity8's hierarchy:

// the root item
OrientedShell {

    // the actual Shell UI, which gets rotated
    Shell {
        rotation: someAngle

        Loader {
            Dialog {

So we need the Dialogs to keep their parents so that they carry on the transformations applied to Shell, instead of being a sibling of it. This should be simple to accomplish as Dialog is an Item, and items are expected to respect their parents instead of reparenting themselves. So I'm just asking Dialog to *do less*.