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Bug #1799663: Headerbars big size in Ambiance and Radiance theme Undecided New 90 weeks

From: Valentyna
Link: padding.patch

Patch for padding

Bug #1478173: Ambiance & Radiance themes are missing a "background-color" for tooltip elements (needed for GTK3-enabled Firefox Nightly) Medium In Progress 259 weeks

From: Daniel Holbert
Link: theme-patch.patch


Bug #1465340: Incorrect subpixel font rendering in Unity Panel when using Radiance Undecided Confirmed 265 weeks

From: Michael Titke
Link: radiance-menu.patch

Patch (created with diff -u): set RGBA to false in gtkrc

Bug #945430: Lists lack zebra-striping Low Triaged 309 weeks

From: Binhao Qian
Link: zebra.patch


Bug #945749: Mouse pointer jerky on login screen Undecided Incomplete 415 weeks

From: Jeb E.
Link: Unity-greeter-fix

Patch containing necessary text files to insert into a virtual terminal.

Bug #920832: Handle not rendered properly if border-width = 0 Undecided Incomplete 442 weeks

From: Peter Hurley
Link: 02_fix_handle_rendering_for_border_width_0


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