Create new sound theme to complement Ubuntu "Light" desktop themes

Bug #539169 reported by Matt Perry on 2010-03-15
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ubuntu-sounds (Ubuntu)
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Bug Description

Binary package hint: ubuntu-sounds

Per Mark ( We need a new "sound theme inspired by light."

Call for submissions and discussion:

Matt Perry (mp) on 2010-03-15
description: updated
think123 (philippm2) wrote :

I think, it is very practically if ubuntu have sounds for mounting and unmounting devices. Yes, i know the os of Microsoft use this but i think this increase the usability for handicaped people in Ubuntu.

I have created one sound for connecting and one sound for disconnecting devices.

description: updated
Zen Shaolin (zen-shaolin) wrote :

The "welcome" sound of this pack is perfect for the light theme :

Mike Grunewald (mikeg32) wrote :

I would like to see a new sound pack also

frizzle21 (frederik-nnaji) wrote :

this here was submitted somewhere just now..:
i LOVE the sounds device-connect-3 and device-disconnect-3

unfortunately, Gnome has no practical way of modifying the sound theme in lucid.
that's something that would have to be fixed, too, veeery important.

lack of informative well engineered audio notifications is a serious accessibility violation

Zen Shaolin (zen-shaolin) wrote :

Yeah, very good sound theme!

But, this "bug" is assigned to... nobody :-(

nicolas kleinklaus (nknico) wrote :

And what about Dream “theme” ? :

I'm using it since a long time and it correspond well with light theme…

Zen Shaolin (zen-shaolin) wrote :

frederik.nnaji is right. Everybody on this topic
approve this theme :

Jonathan Rothwell (jrothwell97) wrote :

Indeed, at present the best submission we've had from the forum thread is Mr_Bumpy's one. (Personally, I'm particularly fond of startup sound three and shutdown sound two... but it's for Mark, MPT, Jono or another ayatana drone to choose which particular sounds to include.)

Anyway, I'm attaching Bumpy's sound theme so we don't have to faff about with mediafire. Hopefully, if approval comes from Shuttleworth Towers, then someone with the appropriate skills and privileges can package it up and push it into the repository.

Zen Shaolin (zen-shaolin) wrote :

But now, how to submit this theme to Mark?

Shuttleworth added to CC list and Final Freeze Exception requested.

summary: - Create "light" sound theme for Lucid
+ [FFe] Create "light" sound theme for Lucid

I can't support a FFe for this I'm afraid. If the Release team give the
go-ahead, great, bt it's not on my critical list. We'll have the
opportunity to refine a sound theme and get perfect for 10.10

Agreed; this isn't something that's going in a week before release. Dropping ubuntu-release from Cc.

Kenneth Wimer (kwwii) wrote :

Congratulations! You can be the first person to take part in the upcoming free culture showcase for Maverick. Details coming soon!

For the sound theme:

Given its date is to be provided for 11.04;)

papukaija (papukaija) on 2010-09-06
Changed in ubuntu-sounds (Ubuntu):
status: New → Confirmed

Some news for Natty?

summary: - [FFe] Create "light" sound theme for Lucid
+ [FFe] Create new sound theme
summary: - [FFe] Create new sound theme
+ [FFe] Create new sound theme for Natty
description: updated
Jay S (topdownjimmy) on 2011-10-31
summary: - [FFe] Create new sound theme for Natty
+ Create new sound theme to complement Ubuntu "Light" desktop themes
Jay S (topdownjimmy) wrote :

Maybe it would be a good idea to start on this early for Precise? We already have a dozen or so submissions:

Having listened to all of the sound theme submissions (and submitted one myself), I'm not sure that any one submission is a perfect sound set. I think OisinLunny's startup sounds are absolutely wonderful, and really carry the affect of "light". I decided to try combining some of the best sounds from different sets into a new sound set, and here is the result:

Being based on multiple submissions, this sound theme is truly a community effort, which is why I gave it the name "CommUnity". Of course, the capitalized "Unity" references the Ubuntu desktop interface by the same name :)

To create this theme, I mixed the following sounds:

  . Login screen: <email address hidden>/UbuntuDesktopLoginOisinLunny.wav
  . User logs in: <email address hidden>/UbuntuDesktopReadyShortOisinLunny.wav
  . User logs out: <email address hidden>/UbuntuEmailOisinLunny.wav
  . Start new IM (receive): S. Christian Collins/Ubuntu Light IM New Conversation 1.wav
  . Start new IM (send): S. Christian Collins/Ubuntu Light IM New Conversation 2.wav
  . Continue IM (receive): S. Christian Collins/Ubuntu Light IM Continued Conversation 3.wav
  . Continue IM (send): S. Christian Collins/Ubuntu Light IM Continued Conversation 4.wav
  . Incoming E-mail: S. Christian Collins/Ubuntu Light Desktop Ready 1.wav
  . Error: S. Christian Collins/Ubuntu Light Error 1.wav
  . Notification: BioBiro/3 New Email.wav
  . Device connected: S. Christian Collins/notification-1.wav
  . Device disconnected: S. Christian Collins/notification-2.wav

I also made the following modifications:

  . Trimmed the leading and trailing silence from some of the sounds.
  . Transposed the sounds from the S. Christian Collins set into a different key and change to a brighter EQ to better blend with OisinLunny and BioBiro sounds.
  . Made sure the volume is balanced between sounds.

What do you guys think? Is this not better than the current Ubuntu soundset?

Jay S (topdownjimmy) wrote :

Personally I think the piano in the Christian Collins sounds doesn't have a modern enough feel.

I like the set by Michele Cursio:

Although I think service-login and service-logout sound suspiciously like Windows.

rob cain (rcain-3) wrote :

i know this is a really old thread, & i dont't know whether anyone will ever think it wort coding it up, but it would be very useful to have he following 'events' also bound to sound efects:

 - start file read
 - finish file read
 - start file write
 - finish file write

- (various/message-filtered) confirmation messages
- (various/message-filtered) alert messages

 - anything to map to (various) browser events - egL loading, 404, 301, 500, etc, element-has-focus, element-lost-focus, element-disabled, enabled, etc

- (various/name-filterable/generic) application (script/job/service) launch/start
- (various/name-filterable/generic) application (script/job/service) lanch/stop

- (various/name-filterable/generic) on sig interrupts, sockets, etc.

 - this way users can get quick reminders as to whats starting and whats finishing in heavily multi-tasknig environments (eg: call centres, support, etc)

 - ideally a complete set of voice files from HAL (2001) or StarTresk (orig series) would be my fave flavas.

just some thoughts.

anyway of achieving his wort of generality?

Adolfo Jayme (fitojb) on 2013-07-01
Changed in ubuntu-sounds (Ubuntu):
status: Confirmed → Triaged
importance: Undecided → Wishlist
cm-t 🦄🏂🌈🎵 (cm-t) wrote :

As Ingo Gerth (igerth) said, a discussion has started there:

unity-design team>Mailing list archive> Message #10267

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