Comment 6 for bug 1447978

Bohdan Harasymiw (bsamhara) wrote :

I just went to System>Additional Drivers tab and had a look at what drivers were available. On my system I have an NVIDIA Quadro 2000 video card and seemingly was using the version 340.76 NVIDIA driver. Version 346.59 (tested) was available so I tried updating to that as it was newer with no success.

I then booted up as before via Recovery mode>Resume normal boot and then installed the X.Org X server- Nouveau display driver from the list of Additional drivers. SUCCESS!!!!

Although the system boots up okay now without the need to go via Recovery mode, it does seem as if it is a bit of a struggle to boot up, with things being a bit slow. I am not sure whether that is related to the problem or simply that Ubuntu 15.04 is slow to boot.

In any case, my system now boots, so from my perspective the bug is fixed. However, from Mondane's comment above, he seems to be already using the X.Org display driver, but having the problem. So there must be something else in the background causing the boot problem that in my case fortunately was fixed by changing drivers.