Comment 13 for bug 741804

Vish (vish) wrote :

Paul, no offense, but you are *completely* wrong about icon grid-fitting.. Regarding fonts, you are right. You are quite aware about the fonts voodoo, but none of that applies to icons.. :-)

Btw, I'm not commenting about the style, but only about the icon not being grid-aligned.

Fonts and icons are completely different.
Fonts get hinted, but Icons *need* to be pixel aligned *when drawn itself* . And what you draw is how icons get displayed in GNOME/GTK.
If the icons are not aligned to grid then the end displayed result is also not grid aligned, and the lines *will* be blurry.
Checkout > from Bug #741517 . The inside lines are barely visible. That is because the icon is not drawn in alignment to grid.

Why do you think Icons in humanity,ubuntu-mono are pixel perfect? We have taken care to align them while drawing and we take care to draw the icons for the required sizes. Depending on scaling is not the way to go either. Icons need to be done for their sizes, else we will have blurry icons.
We still dont have any clever system for icons/svg in GNOME.

If Otto is not aware of these limitations too, I would suggest someone let him know about it.

If you guys dont believe me on this, you can ask Daniel Fore, who has been contracted by Canonical, too. The two of us, have taken care to "fix" so many icons from contributors with such alignment problems .. ;)