Comment 9 for bug 1056488

Jeremy Bicha (jbicha) wrote :

I don't understand why the colored status shape still needs to have a gradient as though light is shining on it. My vision of mono icons is that they should be "flat" and simple. Anyway, we're way too late for Quantal to tweak these icons so that suggestion should probably be considered for R instead.

This is clearly a bug fix for Radiance users and I think this should definitely improve the "fuzziness" introduced late in the Quantal cycle to the messaging menu icons.

I talked to the Ubuntu Manual guys and they haven't yet finalized their screenshots (but they will be very soon). +1 from the Docs Team to fix this. Please, please land as soon as possible (i.e. tomorrow would be great, next week would be bad). I believe the absolute final deadline for ubuntu-docs uploads pre-release is next Tuesday, and I have other things I was planning to do this weekend. :-)